About Safemark


Many of our locations offer Safemark guest room safes with limited warranty. In the event of forced entry to the safe, Safemark's limited warranty provides you with recourse up to $5,000. For this security, recourse, privacy and convenience, an optional safe warranty fee (plus applicable taxes) is automatically posted to each guest folio at participating properties. If you do not use the safe, you may have the fee deducted from your bill by request to the front desk staff at checkout. 


To apply for payment under the limited warranty, forced entry to the safe must be reported to hotel personnel and local police within 24 hours of occurrence and a police report must be filed. The hotel must submit a completed Property Loss Form, a copy of the police report evidencing a forced entry to the safe and case number to Safemark. Safemark will work closely with the property and local authorities to expedite this process. Guests will need to present documentary or other evidence reasonably acceptable to Safemark specifically identifying the stolen personal property and verify ownership.