More Information About Using Points for Free Nights:

Go Free awards at participating hotels require 7,500 - 30,000 points & apply to standard rooms; at participating vacation club resorts and vacation rentals, 15,000 - 30,000 points per bedroom are required. Award is subject to availability & Member must have enough points for all bedrooms in desired accommodation to book. Resort fees may apply (even for award nights); points can’t be used to pay them.  Cancellation policies vary by property. Most properties: applies to room rate only, including taxes.  Blackout dates/rates, minimum length of stay requirements & other restrictions apply; see Program Terms for more information


Earn a Free Night after 4 Nights – Terms & Conditions:

Capitalized terms used without definition in these offer terms and conditions (“Offer Terms”) will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Wyndham Rewards program terms and conditions, available at www.WyndhamHotels.com/wyndham-rewards/terms (the “Program Terms”). To qualify for this offer (“Offer”) to receive 7,500 Wyndham Rewards bonus points (a “Bonus”), a Wyndham Rewards Member must: (i) register for the Offer by completing the registration process on wyndhamhotels.com/wyndham-rewards, wyndhamhotels.com or any of the official brand websites of any participating Hotel Chain, or through the “My Promotions” section of his or her Wyndham Rewards Member account on wyndhamhotels.com/wyndham-rewards or the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts App, in each case, between 18 October, 2021 and 14 January, 2022; (ii) on any Direct Booking Channel (as defined below), book one (1) or more Qualified Stay(s) that, taken singly or together, include at least four (4) nights; and (iii) begin such stay(s) no earlier than 18 October, 2021 and complete it/them no later than 18 January, 2022 (the “Promotion Period”). For purposes of these Offer Terms, “Direct Booking Channel” means any of the following booking channels: wyndhamhotels.com/wyndham-rewards, wyndhamhotels.com, any of the official brand websites of any participating Hotel Chain, the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts App, the official toll free reservation number of Wyndham Rewards or any of the participating Hotel Chains, and/or directly with a Participating Hotel.

For clarity, each time a registered Member books and completes a Qualified Stay in accordance with the booking and stay windows set forth above and all other terms and conditions contained in these Offer Terms, the nights included in such Qualified Stay will be counted toward this Offer (each such night, a “Counted Night”), with a Bonus being awarded for every four (4) Counted Nights completed (regardless of whether such nights were consumed during one, two, three or four separate Qualified Stays), up to a maximum of two (2) Bonuses per Member.  For further clarity, a Member may not earn more than two (2) Bonuses (i.e., 15,000 bonus points) pursuant to this Offer, even if they complete more than eight (8) nights during the Promotion Period.  There is also a maximum of one (1) Counted Night per Member, per date, during the Promotion Period, regardless of how many rooms are booked under the same Member number for the same date; this means that, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in these Offer Terms, any Member who books more than one (1) room for the same date will receive credit for only one (1) such room booked and consumed in accordance with this Offer Terms.

For clarity, Members must register for the Offer before booking and completing their Qualified Stay(s) in order for any such stays to count toward this Offer, and any nights consumed during a stay that has a check-in date prior to 18 October, 2021, and/or a check-out date after 18 January, 2022, will not be deemed Counted Nights, even if a portion of such stay was consumed during the Promotion Period. Stays at Participating Caesars Rewards Properties, vacation club resorts and vacation rentals are not eligible for this Offer.  Go Free and Go Fast award stays are also not eligible for this Offer.

Qualified Stays are subject to certain restrictions, including, without limitation, that such stays cannot be booked via any third party website; see the Program Terms for more information about Qualified Stays at Participating Hotels.

A Member who is eligible to receive a Bonus pursuant to these Offer Terms will typically receive it within six to eight weeks after the completion of the stay for which it was earned.

7,500 Wyndham Rewards points are good for 1 standard bedroom per night at thousands of Participating Hotels, subject to availability. Most properties – Go Free award applies to room rate only, including taxes.  Redemption levels for Go Free awards vary by Participating Hotel and can be as high as 30,000 points per night and resort fees (which are not payable with points) may apply.  See the Program Terms for more information about how to redeem Wyndham Rewards points.  Members who have elected to earn airline miles in their Member profile will earn base miles in accordance with the Program Terms and the Bonus in the form of points.

A no-show does not qualify as Counted Night(s).

The Offer is exclusive to Wyndham Rewards Members. Wyndham Rewards, Inc. may cancel or modify the Offer without notice. The Offer is subject to full Program Terms in addition to these Offer Terms, and is void where prohibited.