Terms & Conditions

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (“Wyndham”) will match, on a point-for-point basis up to certain maximums, as herein noted, donations of Wyndham Rewards points by Wyndham Rewards Members (with the points so donated by Wyndham being referred to hereinafter as the “Matched Points”) between October 22, 2020 and December 7, 2020 (the “Promotion Period”) to any of the following 4 non-profit organizations: Fisher House Foundation, Operation Homefront, Hope For The Warriors, and Armed Services YMCA (each, a “Participating Organization” and, as to the donation campaign, generally, the “Military Promotion”). Wyndham will donate up to 250,000 Matched Points per Participating Organization (with respect to each such Participating Organization, its “Individual Cap”) with a total aggregate potential maximum of 1,000,000 Matched Points for the Participating Organizations, collectively (the “Total Cap”) with respect to this Military Promotion.  In the event that at any time during the Promotion Period, a Wyndham Rewards Member donates Wyndham Rewards points to a Participating Organization which donation, if matched in full, would result in donation by Wyndham in excess of the Participating Organization’s Individual Cap, then such donation will not be matched with respect to such excess.  For clarity, Wyndham will not match (i) a donation to a Participating Organization, even if made during the Promotion Period, once the Individual Cap for such Participating Organization has been met or (ii) any donation to any of the Participating Organizations during the Promotion Period once the Total Cap has been reached.

Wyndham will donate the Matched Points within 30 days after the applicable Participating Organization receives the donation from the Wyndham Rewards Member and such donation is reported to Wyndham Rewards, Inc.  Wyndham Rewards Members must be in good standing to participate in the Military Promotion.  A minimum donation of 500 Wyndham Rewards points is required in order to donate to any Participating Organization.  Your Wyndham Rewards Points donation will be posted to your Member Account. For more general information on the Wyndham Rewards Program, including details on charitable donations, please contact 1-866-966-7937. Please consult your tax advisor for specific advice regarding the tax deductibility of your donated Wyndham Rewards points.   Void where prohibited.  This Military Promotion is subject to modification or cancellation by Wyndham at any time without notice.