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Transforming the Guest Room Experience

Wellness-Focused Rooms

The Stay Well program utilizes scientific research along with engineering and technological advancements to create a healthier guest room experience. Available at select Wyndham hotels, our Stay Well rooms feature air purification, dawn simulation, a signature memory foam mattress, and more to ensure you have a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Whether you’re adjusting from jet lag or need to unwind before a business meeting, our Stay Well guest rooms put your well-being first.


Air Purification

Our multi-tiered air filtration system quietly reduces allergens, toxins, and microbes from the air.

Stay Well Mattress

Our signature mattress is made from highly breathable, natural memory foam to provide support and comfort.

Cleaning Protocol

Hypoallergenic cleaning products and a UV wand cleaning tool are used to neutralize bacteria and viruses.

Stay Well Mattress Encasement

This feature helps reduce the build-up of allergens, dust, and other irritants for a more hygienic sleep environment.


The optional use of scent creates a relaxing, mood-enhancing atmosphere.

Dawn Simulation

Gradually increasing levels of light and sound slowly wake guests so they can start their day peacefully.

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