How to Reduce Drowsy Driving

Did you know that drowsy driving causes 100,000+ crashes every year?1 Here are some tips to help reduce and prevent drowsy driving:

  • Get a full night of seven to eight hours of sleep.2
  • Take a short nap before a long road trip to help make up for a short night’s sleep.3
  • Try to schedule stops every 100 miles or every two hours.4
  • Try to limit driving between midnight and 6 a.m. when tiredness is most intense.3
  • If possible, travel with a passenger who can talk to you and split the driving.3
  • Caffeine and sugar can provide short-term energy, but don’t rely on them for long stretches.1
  • Stay vigilant for signs of drowsiness, such as crossing over roadway lines or hitting rumble strips.1
  • Stop driving if you notice that you’re dozing off. Pull over to a rest area for a break4—or, simply spend the night at a Super 8 by Wyndham hotel.


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