Am Leitz-Park 8, Wetzlar, 35578 DE



73 kilometers, Frankfurt (FRA) Airport



Welcome to Wetzlar

Explore this dynamic city with a rich history of innovation

The onetime seat of the Imperial Supreme Court of the Holy Roman Empire and the birthplace of the compact camera, Wetzlar is a city that seamlessly blends modernity with antiquity. Located right in Leitz Park, one of Wetzlar’s most famed attractions, Vienna House by Wyndham Ernst Leitz Wetzlar provides easy access to the many sides of this vibrant destination. See the history of the compact camera at the Ernst Leitz Museum at Leitz Park, stroll through the Historische Altstadt Wetzlar (also known as the Old Town) to experience the centuries-old magic of the city, and shop German brands at the impressive Forum Wetzlar.


Am Leitz-Park 8, Wetzlar, 35578

Nearby Places

  • Alte Lahnbrücke
  • Ernst Leitz Museum
  • Forum Wetzlar
  • Historische Altstadt Wetzlar
  • Leica World
  • Leitz Park
  • Lottehaus
  • Rittal Arena Wetzlar
  • Sammlung von Lemmers-Danforth
  • Viseum Wetzlar
  • Wetzlar Cathedral