No 220 Heilongjiang Middle RD, Qingdao, 266107 CN

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From Beer to Buddha, Discover Qingdao's Bounties

Find Zen, discover Taoism, or visit a world-renowned brewery

We invite you to revel in many photo-worthy moments as you explore the spectacular attractions in and around Qingdao, Shandong. Enjoy endless photo opportunities at No. 1 Beach and the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, or find ultimate tranquility at Zhanshan Temple and Mount Lao. Abundant food and drink await at Qingdao International Beer City, home to our native brewery, Tsingtao, and the longest bridge on the planet is yours to discover another day. Regardless of your preference, we invite you to enjoy the many wonders, both natural and constructed, near our Qingdao hotel.


No 220 Heilongjiang Middle RD, Qingdao, 266107

Nearby Places

Ba Da Guan (Eight Great Passes)

Bordered by the No. 1 Beach and No. 3 Beach in the city of Qingdao, this historic mansion and its environs offer learning, visual delights, and European-style architectural wonders.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

According to Guinness World Records, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is recognized as the longest bridge over water in terms of aggregate length; photo-worthy, indeed!

May Fourth Square

Named for the May 4th Movement, the large public square is renowned as home of "The Winds of May Sculpture," which resembles a flame and is said to represent the booming future of Qingdao.

Mount Lao

As a famous symbol of Taoism, and oft referred to as one of the "cradles of Taoism," this picturesque peak is the tallest coastal mountain in China located near the East China Sea.

Qingdao International Beer City

Home to both Tsingtao Brewery and the Qingdao International Beer Festival, beer lovers and the curious alike flock to this site, while tours of the Tsingtao Beer Museum call for a great meal afterwards.

Qingdao No. 1 Beach

Swimming, boating, and scenic strolls along the seaside beckon along this beautiful beach and it’s sandy shores.

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

Visit the sailing center originally created to host the 2008 Summer Olympic and Paralympic competitions, and now a popular spot for wedding photos.

Zhanshan Temple

Experience the calming energy of this active Buddhist Sanctuary, offering beautiful sea views and peaceful walking paths.