312 Zhongzheng Road, Taiwan-Nantou, 555005 CN



217 kilometers, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)



Take in Yuchi Township

Explore Sun Moon Lake, enjoy a theme park, and try the tea

Situated in central Taiwan’s Nantou County, Yuchi Township is renowned for spectacular Sun Moon Lake in the foothills of the Central Mountain Range. Explore Taiwan’s largest lake via a scenic hike on the Hanbi Trail, ferry ride, and the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway—boasting incredible panoramic views. Don’t miss the iconic Nine Frogs Stack statue by artist Shen Cheng-ying, the towering C’en Pagoda overlooking the lake, or the Taoist Wenwu Temple—a majestic temple honoring various gods and featuring a dragon wall that brings good luck. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a popular theme park which showcases the culture and architecture of nine Taiwanese indigenous tribes—plus, offers fun attractions like Taiwan’s tallest free fall ride and a sprawling European garden with a Roman fountain, gothic clock tower, and Ritz palace. You can also visit Lugao Village, home to Taiwanese black tea, or catch the annual Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival.


312 Zhongzheng Road, Taiwan-Nantou, 555005

Nearby Places

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  • Ci'en Pagoda
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
  • Hanbi Trail
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  • Jinlong Mountain
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  • Lugao Village
  • Nine Frogs Stack
  • Sun Moon Lake
  • Sun Moon Lake Bikeway
  • Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Sun Moon Lake Ropeway
  • Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Wharf
  • Wenwu Temple
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