Amir Temur Street, Tashkent, UZ



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Whether by Metro or by foot, the city of Tashkent is yours to explore from our front doors

Tashkent carries with it many distinctions: Uzbekistan's capital city; the hub of Central Asia; a place in history as a key stop-over from China to Europe along the Great Silk Road; and of late, a unique mixture of old and new, traditional and non-traditional, Soviet, Uzbek and a myriad of cultures. Find incredible historic sites, vibrant bazaars, and exquisite cuisine near our Tashkent hotel, or, if you are yearning for awe-inspiring nature and outdoor activities, hit the links, stroll through a park, or escape to the Chimgan Mountains, the latter just one hour's drive away.  


Amir Temur Street, Tashkent

Nearby Places

Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre - 1 km

Culture aficionados will want to make a pilgrimage to this incredible theatre, which boasts architectural beauty and artistic form, and is home to a group of acclaimed artists that have graced distinguished stages around the globe. With artistic offerings that include a myriad of original creations inspired by ancient Uzbek folk tales, complemented by a host of classical favorites, a marvelous cultural experience is guaranteed.

Amir Temur Museum (also known as Museum of Temurids' History) - 100 metres

One of Tashkent's top attractions - just steps from our hotel - is renowned for its impressive blue dome and cupola, beautiful architecture, and extensive collection of murals, paintings, military artifacts, ornaments and more, all dedicated to Amir Temur, a Turco-Mongol conqueror that ruled during the late 1300's.

State Museum of History of Uzbekistan - 2 km

With an incredible collection and as one of the oldest museums in Central Asia, the History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan is a must-see, history buff or not. With a staggering 250,000-plus artifacts dating back to the 5th century B.C. - uncovered in moneys coined during the times of Alexander the Great amongst others - as well as displays that showcase Genghis Khan, the Timurids and more, this museum offers an extraordinary history of Turkestan from ancient times to the present.

Independence Square - 1 km

Acres of strikingly landscaped gardens, ambrosial flower beds and beautiful fountains serve as the backdrop for the largest square in all of Tashkent, one that pays homage to Uzbekistan's legacy, history and fallen soldiers. The juxtaposition of several breathtaking monuments and stately government buildings with the tranquility of this serene park makes it the perfect venue to host major state events, national holidays and parades.

Japanese Garden - 2 km

Tucked away in the heart of the city, this unique little park features a delightful arrangement of flora, skillfully arrange