Our Adventures with Chris Burkard


Meet Chris Burkard

Restoring the spirit of exploration

Acclaimed landscape photographer and conservationist, Chris Burkard has a unique way of seeing the world. Influenced by photographers like Ansel Adams, he believes that memorable images come from embracing the unexpected. Burkard captures stories of untamed landscapes and outdoor adventures that encourage others to take risks, appreciate nature, and support conservation efforts.

An Inspired Trip

Telling a powerful story through photographs makes experiences—even in the most remote places—relatable. Our challenge was to capture the beauty of parts well-known and unknown, and share those experiences with the world.

Grand Canyon National Park

Experiencing a natural wonder like never before

We captured incredible shots of the Grand Canyon’s layered red rock cutting in and out of the Colorado River. Burkard believes national park conservation is America’s best idea and uses his creativity to promote the places he considers sacred.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Exploring the Navajo tribal lands of northeastern Arizona

Set in an expansive desert landscape, Canyon de Chelly offers huge sandstone cliffs that surround the canyon, as well as Spider Rock—an 800-foot, sky-piercing spire. Burkard was excited to explore the area’s natural scenery and prehistoric rock art.

The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust

Discovering the power of photography

On display at the University of Arizona’s Center for Creative Photography, Ansel Adams’ famous black-and-white landscape images help make national parks and monuments feel accessible to everyone. His works inspire people to get out and explore for themselves.

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