88 Yuelai Binjiang Avenue Yubei District, Chongqing, 401120 CN



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Explore, Enjoy, and Delight in Chongqing

Shop for porcelain or meet majestic pandas

If you enjoy a friendly or competitive game of golf, Chongqing International Golf Club offers challenging, hilly terrain along with restaurants and a gym. Shoppers looking for local crafts, fine teas, or exotic flowers will want to visit Nan Bin Road or the Chaotianmen Market. And no trip to Chongqing would be complete without a visit to the zoo, and an interlude with the majestic pandas who are indigenous to our area.


88 Yuelai Binjiang Avenue Yubei District, Chongqing, 401120

Nearby Places

Chongqing Library

Founded in 1947, and one of five national libraries, the Chongqing Library is called the “cultural fortune" of China, with documents housed here numbering in the millions.

Ci Qi Kou (Porcelain Village)

Traverse the narrow streets of this historic town and shop for porcelain and other handicrafts. Enjoy tea and curated dining in small boutique restaurants along the way.

Fengdu Ghost City

The buildings of Fengdu represent the underworld in Buddhism, and visitors enjoy walking under the city's three arches to test their inherent goodness per purported demons that inhabit this 2,000 year-old site.

Chongqing Garden Expo Park

This pastoral stretch of land is located in Longjinghu Park, and features breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, gorges, and Beipei city, as well as an array of gardens.  

Chongqing Zoo

Glimpse the Giant Panda eating bamboo in his authentic place of origin. A good idea is to visit early in the morning and avoid the crowds of the afternoon.

Hongya Cave

Propped against the landscape where the Jialing and Yangtze Rivers meet, this complex encompasses a waterfall, paved streets, a theater and more - all built directly into the mountainside.

Simian Mountain

Breathe restorative forest air at the waterfalls of Simian Mountain, or hike and boat at the Great Red Sea. Visiting this serene natural wonder is a great way to escape the bustle of urban Chongqing.

The Chaotianmen Market

Recommended for day and night visits, this shopping district offers the chance to buy local crafts, local produce and just about anything else you need. It is the largest wholesale market in Chongqing.

Nan Bin Road

Find fragrant and beautiful flowers in over 100 flower shops, along with unique and exotic teas in this popular shopping district located near the entrance to Huang Ge Du Park.  

North and West Paradise Walk

Find two large shopping squares in Jiulongpo's commercial circle, featuring stores, restaurants, entertainment facilities and more. These shopping squares are ideal for the modern shopper.