Number 28 Yuandong Road Andong Park, Jinjiang, 362261 CN

15 KM



Jinjiang's Cultural Delights

Cross the bridge and retreat to a sanctuary

While there is more than enough to keep you comfortable and entertained throughout your stay at our Wyndham Jinjiang hotel, Anping Bridge and Quanzhou Longshan Temple are two must-see attractions within driving distance of our hotel.


Number 28 Yuandong Road Andong Park, Jinjiang, 362261

Nearby Places

Anping Bridge

This Song Dynasty stone beam bridge is known as much for its 2500 meter length as history. Bring your camera when you visit because the sunsets over the bridge are memorable beyond compare.

Quanzhou Longshan Temple

Take a guided tour through this historic temple, replete with ancient relics and adorned by spectacular architecture. This peaceful sanctuary is a must for history buffs and the spiritually inclined.