No 999 West Beihai Street, Wujiaqu, 831300 CN



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Interior landscapes with Ürümqi close by to explore

Natural beauty and cultural vibrancy mark the local attractions nearby Wyndham Urumqi North hotel. From a relaxing afternoon spent fishing, to lakeside picnics, there are many ways to celebrate a beautiful day in Wujianqu, Xinjiang.


No 999 West Beihai Street, Wujiaqu, 831300

Nearby Places

Beihai Park Fishing Spot

Enjoy a tranquil day of fishing or take in the boats as they float on by. It's a pleasant way to spend your day, especially when the sun is shining down on a beautiful day.

Heaven Lake

This popular tourist destination is a treat for nature lovers of all ages. Plentiful natural beauty and stunning views seem to go on for ages.

Hui Nationality Snack Street

From the architectural beauty of this area, with carved beams and beautiful brick walls, to the shopping and restaurants, this is a great spot for cultural tourism.

Qinggeda Lake

Bring a book or a picnic basket along and enjoy the beauty of this glistening lake with scenic views that you won't soon forget.