We're working to help protect the Safety of our Meeting Planners & Attendees.

At many of our hotels, you’ll notice us putting new measures in place to give you peace of mind, including:

At many of our hotels, we’ve implemented enhanced social distancing measures in public spaces, including meeting room layouts and increased signage.

All food and beverage service will comply with local guidelines and regulations from health organizations.

High-touch areas and meeting spaces will undergo more frequent cleaning and disinfecting using Ecolab products.

Our meeting rooms at many hotels are equipped with the latest technology to allow a seamless experience for virtual attendees.

In addition, we are recommending to our hotels the implementation of these health & safety protocols, specifically designed for the meetings & events industry:

Regularly check the advice from your authorities, follow their advice.

Pre-order sufficient supplies and materials, including tissues and hand sanitizer for all delegates. Pedal operating lidded bins available to collect used tissues.

Put in place social responsibility protocols for attendees that are ill.

Have surgical masks available to offer anyone who develops respiratory symptoms.

Ensure the organizers, gets all participants contact details: mobile telephone number, email and home addresses. Someone reporting any COVID-19 symptom should be safely isolated in a specific room or designated area while the medical service are being notified. The rest of the participants & staff members must be informed and checked immediately. The meeting/event place must be disinfected.

Advise conference organizer in advance that if any delegates have any symptoms or feel unwell, they should not attend.

Develop Meeting Room Designs to encourage physical distancing according to your countries physical distancing guidelines. (minimum 1 metre apart)

Arrange seating that respect the local physical distancing guidelines. (Participants must be a minimum 1 metre apart)

Manage catering offer to allow physical distancing and encourage additional hygiene measures. It is recommended food and beverage to be attended and served by a waiter in individual portions.

Have screen at registration area - adapt registration process to reduce contact. (Online registration, print badges at home)

Attendee flow management; monitor access routes, queuing space, separate entrances & exits and control areas. Ensure everyone adheres to the social distancing measures. Use security tapes or place stickers on the floor where needed.

Reduce & Manage Crowd Densities. One way systems and social distancing according to your countries guidelines (minimum 1 meter distancing). Provide signage regarding social distancing.

Display dispensers of alcohol-based hand rub prominently around the venue for both employees and attendees. Display posters reminding to disinfect their hands.

Provide signage regarding prevention and control measures. (shaking hands, washing hands etc.)

Provide temperature / health screening on entry to venue as per local regulations.

Open windows and doors whenever possible to make sure the venue is well ventilated.

Improve air circulation processes to increase air quality. Where possible provide outdoor air to renovate indoor air.

Increase cleaning and disinfection of meeting rooms frequency. Meeting rooms to be disinfected after every event. Each intervention must be recorded.

Regular cleaning of coffee machines and where possible operate by staff member.

Reduce the number of shared touched surfaces including eliminating of self-serve stations. It is recommended food and beverage to be attended and served by a waiter in individual portions.

Implement food protocols and guidelines relating to outsourced food.

Offer pre-packed food items for coffee breaks, lunches etc.

Have individual water bottles available as an alternative.

Create soft drinks protocols and guidelines whereby it is recommended for guests to travel with their own refillable water bottles in areas where there is safe drinking water.

Build trust with your client.

Ensure to dedicate an event contact directly to assist with clients requests during the event.

Encourage regular hand-washing or use of an alcohol rub by all participants at the meeting.

Encourage participants to cover their face with the bend of their elbow or a tissue if they cough or sneeze. Supply tissues and closed bins to dispose of them in.

Identify a room or area where someone who is feeling unwell or has symptoms can be safely isolated.

Know what to do if a meeting participant, staff member or service provider tests positive for COVID-19 during or just after the meeting. The rest of participants & staff members must be informed & checked immediately. The meeting/event place must be disinfected.

Have a plan for how they can be safely transferred from there to a health facility.

Agree the plan in advance with your partner healthcare provider or health department.

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