Travel Advisor Commission Inquiry Process

Timeline Payments

Commissions are processed once a month typically for the previous month’s departures; however, the processing dates don’t always align with the calendar month.  Due to the processing calendar, payment of commissions usually occurs 45-60 days after departure.

Open Inquiry

In order to streamline the process and provide better tracking, all inquiries are to go to Onyx CenterSource (Wyndham Hotels & Resorts commissions processing vendor) directly.

Onyx members: Visit Onyx to research and open inquiries

Non-members: please submit the Minimum Inquiry Requirements to

  • Please do not contact the hotel property directly.
  • Inquiries should be opened no earlier than 60 days after date-of-departure (DOD)
  • Inquiries received more than 180 days after DOD will not be processed.
  • Only reservations with a valid Travel Advisor number (ARC/IATA/CLIA/TRUE/GSO Pseudo) are processed through the central commission process.
  • Travel advisors are required to reconcile their payments prior to contacting Onyx CenterSource for assistance.

Onyx Contact Information

Inquiry Timeline

  • Onyx CenterSource will respond to inquiries within ten business days after submitted.
  • Any inquiries outside of the six month window will not be addressed.


Any group reservation made directly with the hotel using a rate plan that starts with CG or doesn’t contain a travel advisor number falls outside of the commission process. WHR is not responsible for accurate and on-time payment of these group commissions as it’s the sole responsibility of the hotel property to process the payment at that point.

For additional questions or if your inquiry could not be resolved by Onyx, please contact Wyndham Hotels & Resorts at 973-753-8831 (option 3) or email at


Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Central Commission Department

22 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ.  07054

Phone: (973) 753-8831 / Fax: (973) 753- 8834