Terms & Conditions

This promotional offer is only valid for all new bookings for wedding receptions that shall take place between July 25, 2016 and December 22, 2017, inclusive, solely and exclusively for wedding receptions held on a Friday or Sunday before December 22, 2017. This offer is only valid for all new banquet bookings with a number of adult guests over 50 persons. The banquet must be reserved and confirmed upon receipt of the required deposit before December 22, 2017. Prices and availability of spaces are subject to change without notice. This offer is neither combinable nor valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion of limited and special dates and is subject to availability of dates and spaces. This offer only permits the event attendees the use and enjoyment of the areas identified for the celebration of the event as well as the common facilities of Dolce Sitges accessible to non-staying customers, excluding all those areas that are of limited use for hotel Guests (indoor and outdoor pools and terraces, Dolce Vital Spa, etc.). All prices quoted include the applicable I. V. A.; the possible increase in the final price resulting from changes in the tax rate of I. V. A. or application of any other tax or fee not included in the price and will be assumed by the Customer. The conditions of the Dolce Sitges banquet events contract will apply.