Terms & Conditions

This promotional offer is valid only for new Bachelorette Party package reservations that are made between January 9, 2017, and December 22, 2017, both dates inclusive, for Bachelorette Parties to be held between January 9, 2017, and December 22, 2017, both dates inclusive, except for those dates when, due to occupancy, space needs, etc., there is no availability, or no availability can be offered. This promotional offer is valid only for all new bookings for ten or more persons; for fewer persons, neither the prices nor the package configuration shall apply. This offer is valid and applicable only when it is booked and confirmed with the appropriate deposit: this may be a deposit or a credit card guarantee mandatorily made at the time the reservation is confirmed. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. This offer may not be combined nor added with any other offer or promotion for limited and special dates, and it is subject to availability of dates and rooms. In the event the reservation is canceled, this offer is not refundable. This offer allows Attendees at the event to use and enjoy only the areas designated for holding the event, and the common facilities of Dolce Sitges that are accessible to non-overnight Guests; this excludes all areas whose use is restricted to overnight Guests; specifically, the indoor and outdoor pools and their decks, the guest room area, etc. However, this section does not apply to the offer if the package that is selected includes lodging. The price per person for the catering and spa packages includes the items that make up the package. In the packages including lodging plus catering and/or spa, the price per person is based on double occupancy (two adults) and on the type of room described; the Hotel may have higher standard rooms available at an additional cost. In every instance, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. In every instance, prices vary depending on the chosen package and room type, the room location and orientation and the services chosen; there may be date restrictions or stays with a minimum number of nights. In every instance, the prices for these packages are valid and available only to Guests who reserve directly with the Hotel, with no possible third parties involved. In every instance, the quoted prices are valid and available only to Guests staying for leisure purposes and do not apply to Guests staying for business or conference reasons (for information and pricing for groups and/or meetings, please contact our Sales Team). All prices include current applicable VAT but do not include current Tax charged on Tourist Accommodation or any other tax to be incorporated after launching this promotional offer. Any potential increase in the final price resulting from changes in the rate of VAT or Tax on Tourist Accommodation is not included in the price and will be borne by the Guest. There must be a minimum time of two hours between any booked catering (food and drink) service and the services booked with Dolce Vital Spa; this is for health reasons and enjoyment of the treatments as well as for Guest safety and tranquility. This is why Guest and Hotel will agree on a fixed schedule for the catering event, so that subsequent enjoyment of Dolce Vital Spa service is not affected. If Guests change their schedule for the catered event any later than 24 hours before the catering event (and this also includes arriving later than half an hour after the time scheduled for the event), the Hotel will attempt to adapt to the need for a change or a postponement so that Dolce Vital Spa treatments can be offered. However, Hotels is not obligated to hold to the previously agreed upon schedule if there are factors such as other Guests’ booking at Dolce Vital Spa that would impede this; Hotel would offer alternatives only to the extent possible. If there are delays or changes that are attributable to the Hotel, the Hotel is obligated to offer the agreed upon Dolce Vital Spa service, or, failing that, to provide adequate compensation.