Food & Beverage Workshop Details

Wine Workshop

Nestled in the renowned Oeste wine region, Dolce CampoReal Lisboa is the ideal place to enhance your wine tasting knowledge. The class includes a tasting of two white and two red Portuguese wines paired with savory crackers and water. 

Price: From €15/person

Gin Workshop

Learn about the history and evolution of gin, as well as how to prepare trendy cocktails. The class includes the tasting of three different gins.

Price: From €20/person


Molecular Gastronomy Workshop

We turn the kitchen into a lab so you learn the innovative techniques of molecular gastronomy, or blending physics and chemistry to transform the tastes and textures of food. The end result: creation of a spectacular three-course menu selected by our chef.

Price: From €65/person


Risotto Workshop

A creation born in Italy that has won favor all over the world. Risotto is a versatile dish that can be served as a main course or alongside meat, fish, or seafood. In this class, choose three risotto dishes to practice and enjoy.

Price: From €35/person


Cuisine Workshop

You’ll be a pro in the kitchen after this cuisine workshop. Each group is divided into teams, which work together to create a gourmet buffet comprised of a starter, hot dish, and dessert. Our professional kitchen staff will assess each buffet, awarding an overall ranking depending on the efforts and dedication of the whole team.

Price: From €65/person