No. 25 Ningguo Road, Shanghai, 200090 CN

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Shanghai Shines with Brilliant Culture

Attend the opera, visit where television happens, or pay homage to sacred traditions

Shanghai bursts with cultural delights, ancient traditions bumping up against contemporary life, and a growth and energy that is palpable, joyous, and contagious. Visit our city and sample our many delights. 


No. 25 Ningguo Road, Shanghai, 200090

Nearby Places

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Renowned as one of Shanghai’s signature sites, the tower is said to create an image of twin dragons playing with pearls; in practical terms, it's technology fuels nine local TV stations.

Shanghai Grand Theatre

Events including operas, live theatre productions, international art shows, ballets and more are mere samples of the cultural excellence available and on display at Shanghai Grand Theatre.

Chenghuang Temple

The site formerly known as Old City God's Temple is now a renowned destination, for its history, incredible beauty, and humble homage to local gods.