“At Rexel Belgium we chose to organize our Suppliers’ Day 2015 at Dolce on April 2, 2015. We and our guests were seduced by the splendid facilities located in the midst of the Sonian forest and close to the capital. Thanks to the staff’s excellent cooperation and flexibility, our event went extremely smoothly and lived up to the expectations of the attendees. Pleasant conference room, delicious food, friendly staff, technical support… All the ingredients were there to make this event a genuine success.”  - Laurie MAK FAN, Sale Communication Officer

"Dear Erik and Xavier, Thank you very sincerely for the amazing contribution of DOLCE to make the SAVE THE CHILDREN Concert a total success.  Through this activity, we, together with you, have raised a little more than 26,000 Euros for this charity.  GSK will match those funds making the contribution above 52,000 Euros. We have been constantly impressed by the professionalism, ease of collaboration, simplicity of issue resolution and positive, welcoming attitude of everyone at DOLCE. You have a Company culture that shines out with service; we have benefited massively from this through this entire project.  Nothing was too complex (a race car in the lobby, no problem!) or too minor (can we borrow your clicker for counting attendees?) not to merit your full attention.  Your team members have all demonstrated this same engagement and commitment. Thank you all. (I do not have the names of the reception desk and logistics staff but they merit applause as well.) It is with sincerity and recognition of the quality of your organization that we thank you for this contribution to both GSK and SAVE THE CHILDREN. Kind regards and look forward to continued collaborations." - Jane Zeller Wynen, Vice President, Medical Governance Office
, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines 

"For the second consecutive year, we organized a Sales Weekend at Dolce. Our employees appreciated the surroundings and location of the hotel. With easy access, it is close to Brussels and main roads. The enchanting backdrop of the Sonian Forest provides great opportunities and, above all, lends a relaxing and natural character to any event. With respect to the hotel staff, from the Sales Manager to the maids, everyone was attentive to our needs. If we needed anything, they all took steps to make sure we were attended to as soon as possible. Particular attention was paid to the details, and specific meetings were organized to go over the event thoroughly with the conference planner. This allowed all the little details that make the event a success to be thought through. The organization is flexible; if you have an idea you really want to implement, the Conference planner will do everything necessary to make the idea possible. When it comes to the catering, there were options to satisfy all tastes. There was a wide choice of dishes and everything was freshly prepared daily. Personally, I think Dolce is a very pleasant place and I trust the staff there. Furthermore, we have decided to return in October 2012 in another context." - Devos Dimitri, Marketing Manager, Ets., Laperre BHAC NV

"We would like to give our warm thanks to the staff at Dolce for their unconditional and more than helpful support during the course of our event, on 1st and 2nd of December 2010. We especially appreciated the professionalism and permanent willingness to help of the project manager who was appointed to oversee the event, Mr. Sébastien Prats. In addition to these qualities, Mr. Prats demonstrated considerable autonomy and the ability to anticipate our needs both for the catering, the availability of meeting spaces, the need for shuttles and many other details. For such a large event, with 500 guests, his management was crucial to the success of our operation. This was especially significant owing to extreme weather conditions prevailing at that time (bearing in mind that heavy snowfall blocked the roads and air transport network). The technical team, under the management of Marc Vanderheyden, also provided a solid base for our event, with the same flair for adaptability and anticipation. We were very pleased with the spaces and services (catering) made available to us, especially the Redwood Lounge. Furthermore, the staff at Dolce was very courteous, even in emergency situations." - Aurelie Ferreira and Eric Tourres, Project Manager and Executive Director, Transtec

"Dolce La Hulpe provided the perfect setting for the Informal Trade Minister Meeting I was in charge of organizing for the Swedish Presidency to the European Union. The beautiful location surrounded by nature gave the meeting the relaxed atmosphere we were hoping for while at the same time being very convenient and accessible for people coming from the center of Brussels and the airport. While it was important for us to give the meeting an informal, relaxed atmosphere, it was just as important to host it in professional facilities benefiting from state-of- the-art technology. The Business Centre at Dolce gave us the luxury of having both while at the same time providing us with a wide choice of different rooms to host our meeting in. We opted for the spectacular Baobab Auditorium as it was already equipped with interpreter booths. The cocktail and the dinner following the meeting were hosted in beautiful facilities too and were extremely well organized, not to mention full of absolutely delicious food and wine! Although there is much to say about its stunning location, excellent food and beverage, and beautiful facilities, I believe Dolce’s strongest asset is its staff. I have never dealt with such a helpful, professional, and smiley group of people. From the concierge at the front desk, to the people in reception, the sales staff, the waiters, the bartenders… to the exceptional event planner who assisted me each step of the way, each and every one exceeded my expectations in delivering more than I expected. Not only was everyone service-minded, hard working, and professional, but they were also always smiling and eager to assist in any possible way. When being surrounded by such people, it is hard for anything to go wrong, and sure enough it didn’t! My event was a success and I highly recommend Dolce to others to host their events." - Madeleine Karlsson, Project Manager, Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union

“I would like to thank you for your availability and flexibility during the organization of our seminar in October. This event produced the best feedback we have received from our participants to date.”  - Valerie Bamps; Executive Assistant to Jeremy Jennings, Ernst & Young

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the excellent operation of your hotel. This is the third consecutive time we have organized our annual introduction days for new trainees at your hotel.  Again and again the professionalism and customer service of the hotel staff stands out.  I fondly remember the helpful housekeeper who 'restored' my shower; the receptionist who (much to my surprise) knew my name; the excellent service at the restaurant and the delicious buffets the kitchen team prepared. My special thanks go to Ms. Sophie Avart, who again provided perfect guidance to our two-day event.  No effort was too much for her and we received an answer to any question on the spot within five minutes. As a customer, it is very pleasant to be able to turn to professionals at such times. May I ask you to pass on my gratitude to all these people (and others who I, unfortunately, forget to mention). I know from my professional background how difficult it is to attract and retain good people." - Peter Kessels, HRM, Stibbe CVBA/SCRL, lawyers' association/association d'avocats

“Conference planners are very professional and always keen to look for a suitable solution. Fast and efficient and always very friendly.”  - Marie-Kathrin Löwe, Senior Officer, PWC