Pantai Lepang Jl. Subak Lepang No. 16, Bali, 80752 ID

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Bali is Built for Adventure

Rent a bike and explore the wealth of local attractions that surround us

If you can pull yourself away from scenic Lepang Beach and the superior comforts of our scenic balcony suites and private poolside villas, there are a number of exciting attractions within reach. The points of interest listed below are some of our favorites. Speak to our friendly staff members for more information, directions, or take advantage of the free local shuttle that can bring you to many of these tourist hubs.


Pantai Lepang Jl. Subak Lepang No. 16, Bali, 80752

Nearby Places

Bali Bird Park

Whether your interest lies in the beauty of the Golden Macaw or the superior intelligence of the African grey parrot, you will be pleased with the hands-on experience at this gorgeous bird park!

Bali Eco Cycling

Discover the magic of Bali. Feel the spirit of rural Bali as you cycle downhill along villages, temples, rice paddies, alleyways, and pathways that are unreachable by car. The tour shows you a Bali many visitors never see and the experienced guides explain the amazing culture and the relationship the Balinese have with their beautiful island.

Bali Rafting Adventure

Sign up for a fast-paced adventure in Bali! . Feel the thrill rush through you as you ride down rapids with the guidance of our experienced team members. This is an excellent way to explore the Ayung and Telaga Waja rivers.

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Tigers, elephants, leopards, and even a komodo dragon are just a few of the spectacular animals you will find at this haven for endangered and rare species.

Odyssey Submarine

Discover the amazing sea creatures deep beneath the ocean waves. Take photos on the submarine deck, see the coral reef, and feed the fish!

Padang Bai

Visit one of the oldest temples in Bali or simply enjoy a day of recreation with your family. Padang Bai is the perfect spot for snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and diving. Walk along a pristine beach or dip your toes into the clear blue water.