Av Jose Pacheco do Nascimento 8500, Ilhabela, 11630 BR

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194 km, São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)



Discover Beautiful Ilhabela

Go beach hopping, hike Ilhabela State Park, and swim with turtles

Off the southeastern coast of Brazil, Ilhabela (which means “beautiful island” in Portuguese) is a sought-after getaway destination. The gorgeous archipelago is known for its stunning beaches like the nearby Curral Beach, a lively scene lined with restaurants and bars; Pereque Beach, a favorite spot for swimming, windsurfing, and kayaking; and Feiticeira Beach, purported to hide pirate treasure. Head to the vast Ilhabela State Park, comprising about 85% of the island, to hike diverse terrain ranging from lush mountain peaks to magical waterfalls, and spot native wildlife like capuchin monkeys, toucans, and otters. You can also visit the tiny island of Cabras to snorkel with turtles and seahorses, book a sailboat charter to see all the secret beaches, and admire the work of a well-known modernist painter who lived on Ilhabela at Museu Waldemar Belisário.


Av Jose Pacheco do Nascimento 8500, Ilhabela, 11630

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