Domaine De La Fot, La Souterraine, 23300 FR

80 Kms.



Explore our French Countryside

From medieval artifacts to modern outdoor attractions: exploration awaits

If you are able to tear yourself away from the plethora of onsite services and attractions at our Noth resort, we encourage you to visit some of the suggested points of interest listed below. From churches to castles, there is much to explore in our charming Limousin region.


Domaine De La Fot, La Souterraine, 23300

Nearby Places

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La Souterraine

La Souterraine is a must-visit commune in Limousin. While there, you can explore an 11th century church, a 15th century manor, the circular tower and castle of Bridiers, among other magnificent historical sites.

La Tour de Bridiers

Visit this remarkably preserved medieval tower, which offers scenic views as well as theatrical performances in summer.


Made famous by its well-known porcelain, Limoges is the administrative capital of Limousin. The area offers a scenic old town ripe for exploring with the glistening Vienne river passing through.

Musée d'art et archéologie de Guéret

For those guests with an interest in art and architecture, the exhibits at Musée d'art et archéologie de Guéret will not disappoint.


The ruins of this French village, where men, women, and children were massacred in 1944, remain as a memorial to those lost in that terrible battle and for many others who suffered a similar fate. This powerful historic site is definitely worth a visit.

Parc Bellevue

For those traveling with the family, we highly recommend a trip to Parc Bellevue. This theme park has animals and rides that young children will appreciate!

ZooParc de Beauval

The special zoo rescues, treats, and releases many endangered and rare species. ZooParc is worth more than just one visit, because new animals with unique stories are always passing through.