State National Parks of South Dakota

Where will your adventure lead you?



Mount Rushmore National Memorial

This colossal sculpture showcases the iconic faces of four former U.S. presidents intricately carved into a mountain in South Dakota's Black Hills. The 60-foot-tall profiles of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln were intended to represent the first 150 years of America's history and cultural heritage. Historian Doane Robinson came up with the idea to promote tourism and artist Gutzon Borglum designed the sculpture itself, modifying the design repeatedly to accommodate the unforgiving rock. Though the artist passed away before the monument's completion, more than 400 workers helped bring his vision to life.


Jewel Cave National Monument

Explorers have mapped more than 177 miles of twisting underground passageways in this cave system and continue to explore more of it each year with no end in sight, making it the third-largest cave in the world. Discover fragile formations of crystal, rock, and gypsum during the popular ranger-led tours below ground. Above ground, a series of short trails offer pleasant walks through the park's pine forest, canyons, and fields of wildflowers.