Autopista Concepcion Talcahuan 8676, Hualpen, Concepcion, 4600000 CL



4 kilometers, Carriel Sur International Airport (CCP)



Uncover the Charms of Concepcion

Visit museums, enjoy local music, and head to the beach

This sprawling metropolis on the Biobío River offers a rich cultural scene, delicious fresh seafood, and plenty of surrounding natural beauty. Admire the famous Jorge González Camarena mural celebrating Latin American independence at Casa Del Arte José Clemente Orozco, learn about Mapuche culture and coal mining at the Natural History Museum, and enjoy spectacular city views from the well-maintained Parque Ecuador. As Concepcion is known as the birthplace of great Chilean musicians, you’ll hear up-and-coming artists on street corners and local bars and can catch an epic concert at the grand Biobío Theater. Just outside the city, hike and spot animals like the culpeo fox and pudu at Nonguén National Reserve, take in the private collection of a renowned 19th century explorer at Parque Pedro del Rio Zanartu, or soak up the sun on stunning white sand beaches like Playa Bellavista and Playa Blanca. 


Autopista Concepcion Talcahuan 8676, Hualpen, Concepcion, 4600000

Nearby Places

  • Biobío Theater
  • Caleta Lenga
  • Casa Del Arte José Clemente Orozco
  • Cathedral of the Most Holy Conception
  • Cerro Caracol 
  • Concepcion Zoo
  • Estadio Ester Roa
  • Huáscar Monitor 
  • Independence Square
  • Lo Galindo Lagoon
  • Lota Sorprendente
  • Mall Plaza Trebol
  • Natural History Museum of Concepcion
  • Nature Sanctuary Peninsula of Hualpén
  • Nonguén National Reserve
  • Parque Ecuador 
  • Parque Pedro del Rio Zanartu
  • Playa Bellavista
  • Playa Blanca
  • Plaza Acevedo
  • Saltos del Laja
  • Termas de Chillán
  • University of Concepcion