2-20 Yuliao Bay Community Mazhan Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou, 325809 CN

5 CNY per hour


127 kilometers, Wenzhou Longwan International Airport (WNZ)



The Wonders of Wenzhou

Hit the beach, visit ancient villages, and lean to paraglide

You may be tempted to stay right here at our relaxing resort, but if you get the urge to explore, cultural attractions and natural beauty await. We’re minutes from the golden beaches and lush mountains of Yuliao Scenic Area, the quaint agricultural community of Zhongkui Village, and the ancient Chinese castle of Puzhuangsuo City. If you’re up for an adventure, book a paragliding excursion with an instructor in tow at Luojiashan Paraglider Base to soar over the sea and spectacular Cangnan Coast. Just a short drive away, you can take in fantastic views at Yucang Mountain Scenic Area or admire the waterfalls and rock formations at Xianyan Scenic Area. You can also shop for souvenirs on Wuma Street, enjoy the rides at Wenzhou Amusement Park, or learn about local culture at the Wenzhou Museum, Wenzhou Martial Arts Museum, and Wenzhou Southern Opera Museum.


2-20 Yuliao Bay Community Mazhan Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou, 325809

Nearby Places

  • Huangshishan Sculptures Park
  • Jiangxin Island
  • Jiushan Park
  • Luojiashan Paraglider Base
  • Nanxi River
  • Puzhuangsuo City
  • Tianzhu Scenic Area
  • Wenzhou Amusement Park
  • Wenzhou Longwan Wanda Plaza
  • Wenzhou Museum
  • Wenzhou Martial Arts Museum
  • Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center
  • Wenzhou Southern Opera Museum 
  • Wuma Street
  • Xianyan Scenic Area 
  • Yalin Modern Agriculture Park
  • Yandang Mountain
  • Yaoxi Scenic Area
  • Yongchang Fort
  • Yucang Mountain Scenic Area
  • Yuliao Scenic Area
  • Zhongkui Village