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History and modern culture unite forces in Xuzhou

Relics from imperial history such as the renowned Terra Cotta Warriors and Xuzhou Han City decorate the region, demonstrating the historical significance of this inland city. The hilled regions also feature a number of parks and mountains, with lush greenery and plentiful species that exhibit the natural diversity of the area, with Yunlong Lake offering attractions in addition to scenic vistas, while Wanda Plaza, the Olympic venue Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center, and Xuzhou Concert Hall are each stunning examples of the modernity architecture that thrives in Xuzhou.


16 Longhu Road West, Xuzhou, 221000

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Arts & Cultural

Xuzhou Museum
Situated north of the Yunlong Mountain in Jiangsu Province, visitors will find thousands of precious artifacts dating as far back as the Neolithic Age, which includes pottery, terracotta figurines, Tang tricolor glazed pottery, vessels made of bronze, porcelain, gold and silver, and the only Han jade exhibition in all of China.

Xuzhou Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Han Dynasty
The Terra Cotta Warriors of the Han Dynasty - excavated in 1984 - are the only ones of their kind to be discovered in China, and their unique features and incredibly vivid expressions underscore the unique charm of the Han Dynasty, with 4,800 relics dating back to 206 BC.


Wanda Plaza
One of China's foremost retail and leisure complexes, Wanda Plaza has arrived in Xuzhou and features dozens of fashionable department stores, boutique shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, a fitness club, and a variety of entertainment venues and is located just five minutes from the Wyndham Xuzhou East hotel.

Sports & Entertainment

Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center
This newly constructed, state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility is located just six kilometers from the Wyndham Xuzhou East hotel and features an event venue to seat 35,000, an enormous fitness facility, and swimming pools, and hosts a variety of sports events, concerts, exhibitions and more.

Points of Interest

Baolian Temple
Fondly known as the Lotus Flower Temple, visitors can stroll through the picturesque grounds, admire the stele replicas and enjoy the soothing scents of incense while relaxing and contemplating life in this stunning temple, located just six kilometers from the Wyndham Xuzhou East hotel.

Guishan Han Tomb (Turtle Mountain)
Often regarded as a true embodiment of the Han Dynasty culture, this tomb houses the sixth King - Chu Liu Zhu - who reigned from 128 BC to 116 BC and which boasts extraordinary design, incredible detail and a grand scale reminiscent of a majestic underground palace, and which is located just eight kilometers from the Wyndham Xuzhou East hotel.

Monument to Huaihai Campaign Martyrs
With an area of over 770-square-meters, this park commemorates the Huaihai battle fought by the People's Liberation Army from the end of 1948 to the beginning of 1949 and features a 38-meter-tall Cenotaph to Martyrs, Statue of the Five Generals, Steles, a square, a lake and several other parts including a memorial hall with exhibits, memorabilia and more.

Mount Yunlong
Also known as Shifo Mountain (Stone Buddha Mountain) and Cloud Dragon Mountain, visitors to Yunlong Mountain will enjoy incredible views of Yunlong Lake and Yellow River, as well as breathtaking natural scenery, and innumerable historic relics including the Xinghua Temple, Setting Free Cranes Pavilion, and tributes to the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Quanshan National Forest Park
With an area that covers 577 acres, the park has been labeled a "natural oxygen bar" for its fresh air, plenty of flora and fauna, incredible gardens - including the Bird Garden, the largest in China with over 150 rare species of birds - the Peony Garden with 30,000 peonies of over 100 varieties, the Bamboo Garden and so much more.

Xuzhou Binhu Park
For those seeking to commune with nature and enjoy the incredible fragrance of blossoms everywhere, Binhu Park is the perfect spot for an afternoon stroll, morning sun salutations, a bicycle ride, or relaxing by Yunlong Lake and enjoying some quiet time.

Xuzhou Han City
This 40-acre site is situated in the ancient battlefield on Mount Jiuli, close to Guishan Han Tomb, White Cloud Cave and White Cloud Temple, and is comprised of scenic areas which include the Imperial Palace, the Imperial City, and the Marketplace and which reflect the architectural style of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220AD).

Jinlong Lake
Located in the southern area of Xuzhou and just minutes from the Wyndham Xuzhou East hotel, Jinlong Lake - also known as Clouds and Dragon Lake - is one of Xuzhou's most popular attractions, with plenty of natural beauty, historic relics, and the Jinlong Aquarium which is a great day trip for families.