Ketschendorfer Strasse 86, Coburg, 96450 DE



104 kilometers, Nuremberg Airport (NUE)



Adventures in Franconia

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Coburg's official motto is "Werte und Wandel,” which translates to “values and change.” The blend of old and new is apparent in this charming town on the Itz River, with its lovingly restored half-timbered houses and ancient market square in the Old Town, bustling with the comings and goings of modern life. Visit Veste Coburg, one of the largest medieval castles in Germany, or make the trip to Tambach Castle to see the magnificent estate that includes an animal park of wolves, lynx, bison, and moose. You can also attend an opera, ballet, or play at Landestheater Coburg, learn about the geological history of Upper Franconia at the Natural History Museum, and enjoy the year-round beauty of Hofgarten.

Ketschendorfer Strasse 86, Coburg, 96450

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