Neuer Graben 39, Osnabrueck, 49074 DE



34 kilometers, Münster Osnabrück International Airport (FMO)



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Site of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years’ War, Osnabrück was dubbed the City of Peace. Today, this northwestern German city is home to a thriving economy, ample historic attractions, and beautiful green spaces. In fact, it lies within a UNESCO Global Geopark, TERRA.vita, making it a wonderful destination for nature lovers. History buffs can walk to the city’s Gothic Town Hall, completed in 1512, or visit St. Peter’s Cathedral, a stunning Romanesque church. You can also visit the impressive Osnabrück Zoo, 17th century Schloss Osnabrück, and Felix Nussbaum Haus, a museum dedicated to the Jewish-German painter Felix Nussbaum, a Osnabrück resident who was persecuted by the Nazis.

Neuer Graben 39, Osnabrueck, 49074

Nearby Places

  • Botanical Garden of the University of Osnabrück
  • Felix Nussbaum Haus
  • Heger Tor
  • Kamp-Promenade
  • Kulturgeschichtliches Museum
  • Kunsthalle Osnabrück
  • Museum Industriekultur Osnabrück 
  • Old Town
  • Osnabrück Town Hall
  • Osnabrück Zoo
  • Schloss Osnabrück
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • TERRA.vita
  • Theater Osnabrück