116 East Section Taishan Ave, Chongqing, 401122 CN

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Chongqing's Many Cultural Charms

Attend a cultural event, revisit history, or enjoy tranquil reflection

Chongqing is fast becoming a commercial center in China, but its historical attractions are just as appealing to travelers looking for a diversion. From technological wonders and biological gardens, to incredible cultural events and insight into local traditions, you will find it all within range of our luxury hotel.


116 East Section Taishan Ave, Chongqing, 401122

Nearby Places

Chaotianmen Wharf

Experience the churning point of commerce at Chongqing's inland port, where the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers collide. Likewise, Chaotianmen Square offers a view of the city's bustling epicenter as watercraft ply their daily trade.

Chongqing Science and Technology Museum

Built in 2008, this museum dedicated to scientific and technological discoveries is both an architectural wonder and an educational paradise. Enjoy shows at its IMAX Theatre as children scoot around you eager to learn.

Chongqing Zhaomushan Botanical Garden

Visit the world's third largest biological garden, including a Chinese folk cultural village with traditional Ba-Ya items. A set of biking trails allow you to zip past the greenery as you enjoy an elevated view of Chongqing.

Chongqing Grand Theatre

Nestled at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, this mesmerizing building boasts two concert houses, countless events throughout the year, and a luminous presence that dazzles under the evening sky.


This "Porcelain Port" offers a taste of ancient Chinese traditions and practices, maintaining its local reputation as a historical landmark. Visit its Buddhist Temple or the Bayu Dwellings Collection for a moment of tranquil reflection.

Guanyingqiao Pedestrian Street

The first modern pedestrian street in Western China offers an unparalleled view to accompany your delightful stroll.

Hong Ya Cave

Visit the Jiefangbei Central Business District at night to enjoy the glittering display of lights that mark this shopping center. Ancient buildings offer abundant tourist offerings, from dining to entertainment.

Jiangbeizui Central Business District

This growing business center aims to be one of the world's most active financial hubs as it moves towards completion in 2018. Walk the grounds and witness architectural marvels that will dazzle.