No. 88 Tongdu North Road, Jiangyin, 214400 CN

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Enjoy Jiangyin's Many Joys

Zen, serenity, and natural beauty surround you

Jiangyin is an exciting and vibrant city that offers cultural escapes, natural beauty, and historic adventures. Learn the history of our local scholars, find tranquility in several temples, and enjoy a restful afternoon away from business or other commitments.  


No. 88 Tongdu North Road, Jiangyin, 214400

Nearby Places

Jiangyin Museum

Explore an array of strange delights influenced by the Liu brothers’, and revisit China's oldest medical instruments, a 5,000-year-old skeleton, witches' charms, and other curiosities.

Liu's Former Residence

Celebrated among China's most brilliant scholars, the Brothers Liu once occupied the homestead, now museum, located in the ancient city and built in classic Jiangnan style.

Erbizui Park

Home to a historical fort, a small beach, and dramatic views of Goose Mountain and Jiangyin Bridge, the riverside park known as Goose Beak Park is the place to seek tranquility.

Huangshan Lake Park

Tucked at the south foot of Goose Mountain, this charming lake offers a lovely space to hike, picnic, relax, and listen to songbirds.

Huaxi Village

Beyond its status as one of China’s wealthiest villages, visitors proclaim it's Huaxi Village, Huaxi Golden Pagoda, and majestic mountain vistas that continue to bring them here.

Junshan Temple

Located atop the riverside Jun Shan hill to the west of Goose Park, a visit to this beautiful Buddhist temple will offer serenity and incredible views.

Temple of Confucius

Dating back more than a millennium, the Jiangyin Confucian Temple has been many changes, yet worshipers remain true to tradition and return at the start of each New Year to pray for good luck.

Xingguo Temple

With a history dating back over 1,000 years, the ancient construction of this Buddhist temple is a reminder of the city's rich past.

Zhongshan Park

Escape to nature’s bounties, and see historic temples, enjoy a picnic lakeside, stroll through centuries-old trees and forests, and breathe fresh air as you enjoy a quiet moment.