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Featuring a rich cultural scene, one-of-a-kind destinations like the China Folk Culture Villages and Splendid China, championship golf, upscale shopping, and gourmand restaurants, Shenzhen is a world-class city, bursting with historical sites, captivating attractions, and exciting experiences. And with several public parks, as well as efficient public transportation and easy access to Hong Kong, there is no limit to the things to see and do in Guangdong Province. 


2009 Caitian Road Futian Dist, Shenzhen, 518003

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China Folk Culture Villages - For an incredible glimpse into the 50-plus ethnic cultures that call China home, a visit to the China Folk Culture Villages is a must-see, must-experience. With 24 re-created villages spread over almost 500 acres, visitors can experience everything from Tibetan and Mongolian cultures, to Yao, Zhuang and Mosuo cultures, including their handicrafts, local cuisines, festivals and so much more. An absolute delight, and both enlightening and engaging.

Happy Valley - With a veritable plethora of delights, this modern theme park features nine differently themed areas from Gold Mine Town to Spanish Square to Typhoon Bay, as well as over 100 nail-biting, thrilling games and rides, not to mention magic shows, acrobatics, extreme sports and more. There is quite literally something for everyone in this 86-acre happy valley of fun!

Lotus Flower Mountain Park - Also known as Lotus Hill (Lianhuashan), this very popular park boasts incredible views and vistas from the top of Lianhua Mountain, statues of revered leaders and is replete with fragrant, ambrosial peach blossoms every spring.

Shenzhen Citizens' Center - With jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring architecture that includes a roof shaped like the wings of a bird, the Citizens' Center is a photographer's dream - amateur or professional - and is the heart of the Citizens' Plaza, home to the Shenzhen Library, the Shenzhen Concert Hall, restaurants, shopping and a park.

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center - As one of the three largest exhibition facilities in all of China, the Center has played host to a number of worldwide events and is ideally located within easy reach of all of Shenzhen's wonders, and a short drive from our Shenzhen hotel.

Shenzhen OCT Bay - OCT Harbor is a one-of-a-kind destination and boasts a number of accomplishments and firsts for the area, and for China in general: a waterfront shopping complex, a large-scale multimedia theatre that takes place on the waterfront, and a flagship cinema complex, as well as several festivals, mega-events and more.

Shenzhen Safari Park - Located on the banks of the picturesque Xili Lake, this zoo features over 300 breeds of animals, many of them rare and/or protected in China, including Asian elephants, Siberian tigers and panda bears, long considered China's national treasures. Adding to the charm is the fact that the animals roam free within terrains that are native to these magnificent, beautiful creatures, and as an added delight, the park also features the largest swan lake in all of China.

Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Gardens - Also known as the Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, this 1,450-acre haven of flora is a veritable retreat into the absolute pinnacle of nature's best. From lush gardens, over 6,000 varieties of flowers and shrubs, to cacti, desert landscapes, and a multitude of sensory and physical delights, it is little wonder that the Gardens continue to be one of Shenzhen's and Guangdong's most popular sites. Splendid splendor indeed!

Splendid China - See China's most iconic and historical buildings, artfully replicated in scaled-down versions, and spread over several acres. From The Great Wall and The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses - ranked as the eighth wonder of the world - to The Forbidden City and a host of other replicas, a visit to Splendid China is indeed a charming and delightful excursion.

Window of the World - Located at Overseas Chinese Town, admire striking replicas of the many wonders of the world, including everything from the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa, to the Roman Coliseum, the ancient pyramids, Sphinx and many more splendors covering many centuries, cultures and architectural styles. An absolute delight and less than 12 kilometers from our Wyndham Grand Shenzhen hotel.

Arts & Cultural

Shenzhen Concert Hall - Cultural aficionados will appreciate the architectural masterpiece and sublime acoustics in this, Shenzhen's premier cultural destination. As one of China's most advanced acoustical concert venues, and renowned as possessing the only pipe organ in all of Shenzhen, visitors delight in performances featuring symphony orchestras from around the world, and experience musical bliss from the ultramodern venue, specifically designed to enhance the symphonic interlude.

Shenzhen Grand Theatre - Shenzhen is replete with opportunities to experience art, music and culture and the Shenzhen Grand Theatre is no exception. Home of the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, this majestic 1,200-seat grand dame offers a rich mix of cultural events, from concerts to dancing, modern to traditional, and all points between.


Coco Park - Shoppers will revel at the over 200 domestic and international shops and stores at this mega-mall, and entertainment destination. From dining, a spa, boutiques and more, this very popular retail destination is just minutes from our Shenzhen hotel and always delights.

Sports & Entertainment

Mission Hills Golf Club - Serious and amateur golfers alike will undeniably want to hit the links at this world-renowned golf haven, rated as the world's largest golf club according to Guinness World Records, and ranked as China's highest rated, both for its award-winning design and architecture, as well as its status as the host of the region's most important tournaments. More importantly though, with seven championship courses - each incredible in its own right - every golfer will delight, marvel and cherish every stroke, putt and game played at this consummate golf utopia.

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center - This magnificent venue is one of Shenzhen's many landmarks, and justifiably so, with breathtaking architectural design, ultramodern facilities that include swimming pools, table tennis competitions, football competitions and seating for over 20,000. It also played host to the 26th World University Summer Games, among other distinctions