No.8 Zhujiang Avenue Zhouliang Zhuang, Tianjin, 301811 CN



60 kilometers, Tianjin Binhai International Airport (TSN)



Take in Tianjin

Ride the Tianjin Eye, shop for souvenirs, and see the Great Wall

East meets West in this coastal metropolis in northeastern China, comprised of a picturesque blend of European-style houses and churches in Five Great Avenues, modern marvels like the Tianjin Radio and Television Tower, and historic gems like the Buddhist Dabei Temple. Visit the Porcelain House, exquisitely decorated with different types of Chinese porcelain, and enjoy sweeping views of the city from the Tianjin Eye, a giant 120-meter Ferris wheel on the Yongle Bridge over the Hai River. Stroll along the pedestrian street of Guwenhua Jie, lined with colorful shops and temples, as well as vendors selling popular Chinese snacks like jianbing. You can also check out the impressive manmade Port of Tianjin, learn about local history at the Tianjin Museum, and tour the Taku Forts, a battle site during the opium wars between China and Great Britain. Venture north of the city to see a section of the Great Wall of China at Huangya Pass.


No.8 Zhujiang Avenue Zhouliang Zhuang, Tianjin, 301811

Nearby Places

  • Dabei Temple
  • Drum Tower
  • Dule Temple
  • Five Great Avenues
  • Folk Art Museum
  • Guangdong Guild Hall
  • Guwenhua Jie
  • Huangya Pass
  • Italian Concession
  • Jingbao Hot Spring Farm
  • Jingyuan Garden
  • Minyuan Stadium
  • Porcelain House
  • Port of Tianjin
  • Riverside 66
  • Shi Family Grand Courtyard
  • Shuishang Park
  • Taku Forts
  • Tianhou Palace
  • Tianjin Eye
  • Tianjin Haihe Cultural Square
  • Tianjin Museum
  • Tianjin Natural History Museum
  • Tianjin Radio and Television Tower