Building 1, 89 Xiaohe Street Industrial park, Comprehensive, Taiyuan, 030002 CN



27 kilometers, Taiyuan Wusu International Airport (TYN)



Take in the Best of Taiyuan

See the Giant Buddha, tour museums, and try local eats

The dynamic capital of Shanxi province is full of history, culture, and delicious cuisine. Admire the stunning architecture and 3,000-year-old cypress tree at Jinci Temple, dating back to the 4th century Wei Dynasty, or visit the iconic Mengshan Giant Buddha. Peruse an impressive collection of artifacts at the Shanxi Museum or stroll down Fudong or Mishi Street to sample Taiyuan specialties like hand-pulled noodles, porridge, and Chinese flatbread. See Fenhe Park beautifully lit up at night and check out the magnificent Ming Dynasty Twin Pagoda Temple. If shopping is your thing, head to Liu Xiang Commercial Street and Liunan Night Market Street for local souvenirs or Zhonglou Jie for big-name brands at mega malls. Learn about an important city industry at the Coal Museum of China and check out the three domed greenhouses full of plants from around the world as well as the Bonsai Museum at the Taiyuan Botanical Garden. You can also travel outside Taiyuan to explore Pingyao Ancient City, a well-preserved Han Chinese city from the 14th century, and the Hukou Waterfall—the largest yellow waterfall in the world and the second largest waterfall in China.


Building 1, 89 Xiaohe Street Industrial park, Comprehensive, Taiyuan, 030002

Nearby Places

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  • Fenhe Park
  • Jinci Park
  • Jinci Temple
  • Liunan Night Market Street
  • Liu Xiang Commercial Street
  • Mengshan Giant Buddha
  • Mount Wutai
  • Pingyao Ancient City
  • Qiao‘s Grand Courtyard
  • Shanxi Museum
  • Shipin Street
  • Taishan Longquan Temple
  • Taiyuan Ancient County Seat
  • Taiyuan Botanical Garden
  • Tianlongshan Grottoes
  • Twin Pagoda Temple
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  • Xiao River Wetland Park
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  • Yuci Ancient City
  • Zhonglou Jie Street