Longmu Bay, Hainan Province, Ledong, 572541 CN

90 km



Heavenly Delights on Hainan Island

Stroll through unspoiled beauty, pay tribute to our ancient story, and enjoy many Zen moments

When adventure beckons beyond our hotel’s front doors, there are several options to discover. As Hainan Island is an exotic locale, we encourage to you venture out and see lush scenery, admire grand spectacles, and marvel at historic ruins, most within one to two hour’s drive of our hotel.  


Longmu Bay, Hainan Province, Ledong, 572541

Nearby Places

Jianfengling National Forest Park

As the largest and best preserved tropical forest in China, explore unspoiled expanses of tropical vegetation, see exotic birdlife, and hike through more than 47,000 sq km of breathtaking beauty.

Hainan Yingge Sea Salt Field

This crescent-shaped bay is one of the largest of its kind and attracts visitors eager to witness the conversion of sea water to usable salt.

Yazhou Ancient City

Built during the 5th and 6th Centuries, Ancient Yazhou was long the capital of its district and a prominent trading and political center. A visit today serves as testament to our island’s many glories.

Nanshan Temple

A Buddhist temple long believed to have been built on a lucky spot, Nashan Temple is one of the largest Buddhist sites in the world, and notable for the well-adorned Golden Jade Kwan-yin Statue.

Sanya Dongtian Park

Located near Nanshan Temple, this park marks the southernmost designated holy land in China. Enjoy views of the sea, misty mountain vistas, and rejoice in one of the world's most scenic destinations.

Tianya Haijiao

With ancient stories telling the tale that Tianya Haijiao was the location on earth where the sky ends against the edge of the ocean, today the magnificent vistas are popular for wedding ceremonies.