89 Minde Road Binjiang New Town, zhangshu, 331200 CN



125 kilometers, Nanchang Changbei International Airport (KHN)



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Learn about local history, enjoy the outdoors, or visit Nanchang

You’ll have easy access to top attractions from our Zhangshu hotel. Learn about the area’s culture and history at the Zhangshu Museum, visit the stunning Taoist temple complex at Gezao Mountain of Jiangxi, and soak up the natural beauty of Longxihe National Wetland Park. Archaeological sites like Fanchengdui Site and Zhuwei City Ruins of Zhangshu can also be explored. If you don’t mind venturing outside the city, Mingyue Mountain offers awe-inspiring mountains, rare selenium hot springs, and historic Buddhist temples while Wugong Mountain is known for its beautiful, seemingly endless meadow. Head into nearby Nanchang, the Jiangxi province capital, to see the elaborate Wanshou Palace, musical fountain and light show at Autumn Water Square, and waterfront views of the city at Tengwang Pavilion.


89 Minde Road Binjiang New Town, zhangshu, 331200

Nearby Places

  • Autumn Water Square 
  • Badashanren Memorial Hall
  • Fanchengdui Site
  • Gan River
  • Gezao Mountain of Jiangxi
  • Linjiang Grand View Pavilion
  • Linjiang Bell Tower
  • Longxihe National Wetland Park
  • Mao Zedong's House
  • Medicine Capital Park
  • Mingshui Bridge
  • Mingyue Mountain
  • Sanhuang Palace
  • Star of Nanchang
  • Tengwang Pavilion
  • Wanshou Palace
  • Wucheng Shang Dynasty Site
  • Wu City Ruins
  • Wugong Mountain
  • Yuhua Mountain
  • Zhangshu Fountain Square
  • Zhangshu Museum 
  • Zhangshu Yaodu Park
  • Zhuwei City Ruins of Zhangshu